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I have quite a large tribe of friends I have gathered over the decades, and new ones I have made on Instagram, all women of a certain age, who are experiencing the same joys and facing the same obstacles long after their monthly cycle has paused. The main gripe I hear from both my real and my virtual friends is hormonal challenges- thyroid and adrenals being the chief culprits. I do not have these issues solved but, I do have mine HUGELY improved and have learned quite a bit along the way.
The first step in handling any situation with the body is to get your basics in. You probably know this, but if you’re not doing it, here it is again!

(Big disclaimer here! I am so not a doctor or do I have any type of medical training. I am just a woman seeking solutions. I’m a clinical trial of 1, a good student and a pretty good analyzer of data. I am fortunate to have 2 good doctors- one a young, recently graduated P.A. with as much curiosity as I have, and the other, a dear and wise friend of 50 years who practiced as a family physician for 40 of those years. They are both possessed of loving hearts, keen minds and are superb listeners. My first recommendation is to find yourself a doctor with these attributes and hold on tight!)

Here’s my story, part 1.

I was not honest with myself about what I ate. A slice of pizza here, a Nachos Supreme there, a couple cookies at a party, skipping a salad because I felt like crunching down most of a bag of Sweet & Beets (chips made from sweet potatoes and beets) instead, or, allowing myself to get super hungry because I was too busy to eat. When I saw health practitioners and was directed to keep a food log, I would tighten up the discipline, but I really lied to myself most of the time.
My exercise was not consistent. Again, I lied to myself that it was adequate. Oh, well. So, here’s what I finally did and am doing now and suggest to you. (I’m not perfect, but I am improving all the time.)


1. Cut out refined foods. No processed foods at all. None. Zero. Zip. Nada. Zilch.
2. Eat those veggies, raw, cooked, fresh frozen- I don’t care. I have recipes that are fast and easy at . I have been remiss in posting so my promise to you is to be a better poster.
3. Eat some fat with those veggies. I use many different types of oils in my salad dressings. All yummy!
4. Chow down on those lean, fresh meats and fish broiled, sauted- no frying. I’m not a big meat eater, but use meat as an ingredient in soups, salads, etc. I eat wild caught fish and grass fed beef and now that I’m looking at it, I’m not sure of my chicken’s cred’s. I also eat beans for protein.
5. Indulge in bit of fruit for dessert. I love frozen ones in the summer.
6. Cut out the common food allergens. My suggestion is to cut out gluten and dairy. I eat whole grains in moderation. No caffeine!
7. Chew your food well-every bite. Thorough chewing allows your teeth and to saliva break down your food and start the digestive process, making it easier for the rest of your digestive system to extract nutrients and to eliminate what your body doesn’t want.
8. Drink clean, pure water. Sip it throughout the day.
9. Do the right exercise in the right amount for your body. More is not always better and less is always bad! Watch your posture, all the time, but especially during exercise. Stand tall. Yall, tall to get those ribs out of your lungs and intestines so you can breathe deeply and so you can move that food along.
10. Turn off the news. Much of what you see in the media is alarming. I keep my husband watching out for hurricanes but ignore anything that doesn’t need a response from me. When storms hit anywhere in my state, I send as much money and supplies as I can afford. When I throw a party, I ask my guests to donate to Big Cat Rescue. If a friend or family member needs assistance, I provide it in abundance. But, if an incident won’t impact me or I can’t do anything about it, I don’t need or want to know. It saves my energy and attention for the things in my life I can change.
11. The only television or films I watch are comedies. A cliché perhaps, but laughter is dang good medicine.
12. I keep my environment tidy and in good order. If I use an object, I put it away when I have completed the task. After I cook, I clean my kitchen. I put my clothes away. I handle my papers one at a time. I try not to get myself backlogged because it’s stressful to not be able to find something and I do not like messes.
13. Clean up your housekeeping and personal care products. Here’s my article on household products. I use primarily vinegar to clean. I bought a battery powered electric toothbrush to scrub the tile in my kitchen with non-toxic dish soap and baking soda and it rocks!


I pay little attention to my failures to do any of these things. My attention is on what I get right. I build success upon success and I hug myself when I get it right. I do the same for others.

My suggestion is to baby-step your way into all these things. Everything can be achieved if you break it down into doable bits. Choose 3 of these points and do them until it feels natural. Yeah, go ahead and choose the easy ones!