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I am 70 years old and have experienced insomnia since I started menopause. Many factors, building over 5 decades. converged at this time and manifested in my having more bad nights than good. Since then, I have gotten very interested in the subject of health, particularly as it pertains to sleep.


My sleep has improved gradually over the years since I have been implementing various lifestyle changes, but a recent realization is, as my brilliant physical therapist stated, “The everything is connected to the everything.” What this means to me now is that even if any step or set of steps I take to resolve my sleep doesn’t seem to “work,” the benefit to my general health qualifies the action as being valid. My goal has changed from improving my sleep to improving my health and fitness and the quality of my life has changed perceptively for the better. Adding the goal of helping other women achieve what I have gives me added inspiration, strength and more people to love. This revised viewpoint has kept me inspired, strong and saved me after the death of my dear mother a year ago.

In doing my research I have been barriered by doctors, researchers, etc., speaking in their nomenclature. The public, that’s us, doesn’t know these terms. They also leap miles over the average person’s knowledge of how the body works. I have tried to work this all out and give basic data and present it in terms that can be understood or create glossaries. I have posted a gut health GLOSSARY and I’m working on another glossary on basic nutrition.

I have posted or shared several articles and videos on several platforms on the subject of insomnia after menopause. Here I am going to summarize these posts and how each one of these actions has benefited me. They may not seem like they are related to sleep, but. “The everything….”



In this section, I write about 3 related topics that are very important in aging- moving, eating and learning. You might want to start with the  LET’S LEARN section so that you can see how the other sections apply. The post, BUILDING HEALTHY HORMONES AFTER MENOPAUSE most directly addresses insomnia because sleep issues can be hormone related, after menopause. #14. Is the most important and following this tip will bring you success in most any endeavor.  I’m glad to be reviewing it now!

Also in the is section is a series of articles by a very wise woman, Nancy Stuart Webster, a brilliant researcher and lover of life. Her first article is, HELP!  I CAN’T SLEEP. 

Included in the LEARN section is my GLOSSARY of gut health terms.  Please use it when you read my posts and the posts/videos, etc., of others addressing that subject.

I encourage you to read the complete HEALTHY & STRONG section.


My YouTube channel starts off with a couple of cartoons for my previous site, The Winged Salad that I created when my first impulse was to write about gut health, but realized that I wanted to speak more directly to my peers about many issues related to aging. These videos are in need of a good polishing. Oh, well! They are a really good intro to the subject of gut health.

This video was my first lesson on the gut. Your Microbiome (def: a community of microorganisms (such as bacteria, fungi, and viruses) that inhabit a particular environment and especially the collection of microorganisms living in or on the human body. It can also refer to the genetic make-up of these organisms.)  What Is It, and How Can It Help or Hurt You?

Justin Sonnenburg of Stanford University is a researcher who speaks clearly and simply (‘specially if you use my GLOSSARY because even the title is a word you might now know, so I have included the definition!) It’s almost an hour long but he’s a warm, charming fellow who uses many amusing visual aids, so you won’t mind being in his company for :55 minutes (‘specially if you use my Glossary!

How to Balance Hormones Naturally in Women (Dr. Carolyn Dean)

Dr. Deane is a post-menopausal woman so, like all of us, she has experienced the hormonal changes that aging brings. Being a trained doctor, she has the background to figure things out. Hint: mainstream medicine doesn’t have a clue.

I have been taking her magnesium supplement and definitely feel that it has helped my sleep.


I promise.

The truly most important thing that I can stress is that making any lifestyle improvements will improve your quality of life. Perhaps they will not have an immediate effect on your sleep like taking a pill will but taking that pill will only mask what is really wrong in your body and will make things worse. Think Michael Jackson’s O.D. All the boy wanted to do was get a good night’s sleep.