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This is a guest post from my dear IG friend, Nancy Webster, mom to 8 and grandma to 3.5 so far, who has been homeschooling herself since high school about all things alternative health-related. Now, at age 60, she’s studying for official certification in functional health so she can help more people with the years she has left on earth.


I want to expound on a few less often considered reasons that could be part of your personal puzzle for your own sleep problems.

Do you have leg cramps at night? Or Restless Leg Syndrome? Sometimes, all you need is the addition of a good magnesium supplement to stop that. Sometimes, this indicates other deficiencies, including a deficiency of stomach acid. Read on for more info.

Do you suffer from acid reflux? If you don’t already self-medicate with OTC acid blockers, doctors are happy to prescribe them. But this is SO wrong! Reflux is a symptom of too little stomach acid – not too much! It means your body is crying out for hydrochloric acid supplementation in a dose individualized just for you. HCl helps your digestion AND it helps you absorb nutrients, including nutrients to help your muscles relax.

This article can’t handle the how-to’s of this vital supplement almost all aging people need (and these days, many younger people as well). However, I am happy to refer you to some great info about the why’s and how’s of hydrochloric acid supplementation.

How steady is your blood sugar? Even if you are not diabetic, your blood sugar may very likely be swinging more than is healthy. If you go to bed when your blood sugar is very (too) high (especially if dinner &/or a bedtime snack was full of starches and sugars), you might fall asleep just fine. But as it inevitably crashes during the night, you may find your only hope to get back to sleep is to raid the fridge. That might work, but needing to do this is a sign you need to get to work balancing your blood sugar. Again, I can suggest aids, but this article can’t contain them all.

Have you jumped on the ketogenic/keto diet bandwagon to try to lose weight? Get off!!! While popular health gurus tout the benefits (and yes, for many, the keto diet is a fast way to lose weight … for the moment, at least), a long-term keto diet does not do wonders for someone suffering from sleep issues. One of the things the body needs to make enough melatonin (sleep hormone) is carbs! Yes! Just make the carbs you eat count! You don’t need tons of them, but some are needed by the body. Try a little old-fashioned sourdough bread. Or a sweet potato. Not so much chips and cookies.

Consider that parasites may be part of what’s going on. It’s a disgusting thought, but most of us have them — even when they don’t show up via stool testing. Parasites get on-the-move during the night and could be disturbing your sleep. There are many good parasite cleanses available online and at the health food store.

Part 1 of this post lists ten of many tips you might try to improve your sleep.

Part 3 of this post will dig even deeper into what may just be the Number One culprit causing sleep problems.

If you’d like more details about some of the tips discussed in this article, you can email her at






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