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My old lady pals and I start the week by setting goals for ourselves. It may be as mundane as cleaning the garage, as difficult as keeping a food log up to date or as aspirational as being a better friend.

I choose an inspiring, clever or irreverent quote that we incorporate into our lives every day during the week to help us achieve our goals.

We print these and stick them on our refrigerators so that every week we are accountable to ourselves and our refrigerators for one whole week in performing one challenging task and learning one life lesson.

I’ll be sending you a my little poster on which you can write your goal, with the curated quotes- the ones I find to be the most effective in teaching the skills of being an old lady and inspiring the gang through these weekly challenges. I invite you to print and post. Work with us in making each week beautiful, productive and delightful.

You’ll also get info on any posts I have added during the week with new tips, quips and recipes.

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